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Experienced, Friendly, Safe and Reliable Electricians in Perth! “Your Satisfaction Is Our Success!” Electro Tech WA Pty Ltd is a Western Australian owned and operated electrical company based in Perth WA with extensive experience in all aspects of electrical contracting. We offer a guaranteed service from a prompt response to a clean completed job. Our commitment is to deliver top quality electrical services in Perth WA and build long standing relationships within the WA community. Electro Tech WA Pty Ltd gets most of our electrical work from referrals and repeat business from our current and previous clients. We are proud of our good reputation for being the Perth electricians you can rely on for safety and service.  Electro Tech WA are a rapidly expanding electrical company in Perth, building on previous success, able to service your electrical needs with “No electrical job in Perth too big or too small!”

Professional Electrician Services in Perth

Electricity is everywhere. Many things that we use in our homes, offices and industries rely on electricity to work. Finding electrical issues is very common, so finding professional electricians in Perth is also important. Apart from anything else, Our Perth based electricians are reputed to be the best for their versatility. Electricians can be hired to complete both small and large projects, to avoid problems and guarantee effective completion of projects. There is a huge range of benefits of hiring a professional and certified electrician in Perth Western Australia.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioning System Perth, fully installed from $1300

Solar Panels Perth, 1.5 KW Grid Connected Systems from $2000

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Electrical Safety Perth

Handling electricity is very complicated and dangerous: A minor error can endanger the lives of people as well as destroying machinery or equipment. In addition to immediate harm, electrical projects that are not completed correctly have the potential to create fires and injuries in the future. This risk can be avoided by hiring a professional home electrician or industrial electrician in Perth.

Cost of Electricians in Perth

Some people think that they will save money by avoiding professional electricians. Electro Tech WA are professional electrical contractors in Perth and complete work quickly which may reduce the cost of any electrical project, whereas some other contractors may work quickly and cheaper but not thoroughly. Incomplete electrical projects could damage electrical devices creating more costly problems.

Electrical License in Perth

Before hiring an electrician you must ensure that the electrician is certified by Western Australia. This ensures that they are fully educated professionals and experienced in the field of electricity. All of our electricians are fully up to date with all their credentials.


All Electro Tech WA electricians are trained and experienced in electricity and there is no doubt they perform their work efficiently and problem solve as necessary. Our electricians not only fix the problem, they will always leave the Perth electrical work sites tidy and safe.

Hourly Rate or Set Fee Electricians Perth

Our electricians in Perth will come to your home or office in Perth’s Northern or Southern suburbs and can either charge by the hour or provide a piece of work for a set fee. Professional and certified electricians simply complete what is needed. There is no need to spend hours researching and then repairing it yourself, and be assured that the work will be completed safely.


All Electro Tech WA electricians Perth are insured to complete work, so you can feel safe and confident in their ability to complete the job. Using an unlicensed electrician or trying to fix the problem yourself is illegal and could lead to significant damages and costs. If you need a professional electrical company with good Perth based electricians please contact us for more information.

Electrical Tips and Know How

Use Licensed Electricians in Perth

Always hire licensed electricians in Perth as they are fully trained and guarantee the quality of their work. Don’t be tempted to Do It Yourself unless you are licensed it’s illegal … Hire LICENSED Electricians in Perth

Damaged electrical fittings are dangerous

Damaged electrical fittings such as switches, power points and light fittings must be replaced. Do not try this yourself as it’s dangerous and illegal. Always use a licensed electrician from Electro Tech WA……. Damagers of Damaged Electrical Fittings

Government energy rebates

Ensure that you choose a company that can specify and install an alternative energy system that meets the government criteria to receive energy rebates … Australian Government Energy Rebates

What are Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems?

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems, are solar panels and an inverter that convert solar energy from sunlight into electricity. The electricity produced can be stored in batteries until it’s needed or fed into the electricity network. Solar Power Rebates

Electrical Safety Tips

Electricity is essential for modern living, it makes our life easier… However, we need to cautious, electricity can be dangerous, and we need to keep electrical safety in mind.

Domestic and industrial Electricians

What type of electrician do I need? What is the difference between a home electrician and industrial electrician? Electricians are usually trained in a specific area and can be classified as … domestic or industrial